Three months ago my peers at the Christian Counselors Collaborative asked me to lecture on John Gottman’s research in Marriage therapy. Three months later I am honored to be coming back to present part 3, having been asked to continue the lecture as a three part series.

This final lecture will conclude with solving the solvable problems in a marriage, individual conflict styles, assessment tools to use in therapy, individual therapy sessions, and Gottman’s assumptions about marriage therapy.

We will then go into a time of discussion, during which I intend to ask some questions that may provoke some fairly heated debate. So, if you are coming-know where you stand on an issue and have ways to back up your position. Here are the questions that will be asked during the discussion section of the lecture.

1.What is the difference between individual counseling and couples counseling?
2.What is your take on the professional use of self in couples counseling? i.e. disclosure?
3.Matt 5:31-32 When does God bless Divorce.
4.What is Infidelity in marriage?
5.When should we recommend separation?
6.Matt 5:39 What does it mean to “turn the other cheek” in marriage? How has this been misinterpreted?
7.Mark 12 30-31 What is the application of the golden rule in marriage?

We will conclude with open forum case presentations, where any helping professional, having worked with a couple is able to bring their case foreword for the rest of the group to hear and give their professional feedback for the education of both the individual presenting the case, as well as the rest of the group.

I am excited, as always to discuss or teach anything Gottman OR marriage, both together, well, lets just say I am very much looking foreword to tomorrow.

Where: ACAC The red Brick Building next to the Church Propper (park in either lot beside that building) 250 East Ohio Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

When: Friday, April 20th 12:30pm-2:30pm

Who: Anyone who is interested in coming