Services Offered

We specialize in the following practice areas and are dedicated to seeing each person experience growth and freedom. We provide counseling services for individuals, couples and families in the following areas:

-Physical/sexual/emotional abuse
-Sexual identity issues
-Personality disorders
-Spiritual/emotional development
-Christian counseling
-Marital/dating conflict
-Family conflict
All of our services are offered in a discrete and confidential setting. For a more detailed explanation of our services, see below. 
Individual Counseling or Psychotherapy
Physical/sexual/emotional abuse
Sexual identity issues
Personality disorders
Marriage/Couples Counseling
Whether you are a blissful couple preparing to get married, or a married or unmarried couple in a time of tension, couples counseling is a wonderful and effective way to make your relationship richer and more life-giving. Again, this does not mean something is wrong with you as a couple. In fact, some of the healthiest and happiest couples seek counseling as a way to add depth to an already beautiful marriage. Remember, conflict is a necessary and healthy part of every marriage; it is how you approach that conflict that makes the difference. Often, a trained, objective ear is necessary to establish effective communication patterns in a relationship.
Family Counseling
If there is conflict in your family that you would like some help resolving, family counseling is an ideal way to work through this. Counseling does not indicate that something is wrong with your family, or that you are bad parents. Even professional athletes need a ref to find an impartial solution. Think of the therapist as a way to get an objective view of what is going on in your family.

Christian Counseling

If it is important to have your faith incorporated in the counseling process, offering a scriptural approach is essential to the journey of healing. Before your first session you will be asked if you wish to have issues of faith woven throughout the therapeutic relationship. If you do not feel comfortable with this, or do not consider yourself a spiritual person, no religious beliefs will be forced upon you.


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